FAQ and Howto’s



Q) I have not received any updates since uploading my file?
A) Please be patient as this process can take up to 9 hours depending on the password Length,

Q)Will my data be safe?
A) We do not share our uploads or passwords with any third party’s and delete all data within a 30 day period, Our server are pentested frequently

Q) I have received an email saying my password has been aborted?
A) There is a most likely a problem with the format you uploaded, we currently only support the following formats :-   XLS , XLSX, DOC, DOCX, CAP, HCCAP

Q) I have received an email saying my password could not be found?
A) While we have special Algorithms to find passwords they cannot all be found within 9 hours if they are especially complex , if you have this problem please use the contact us page to arrange a private password recovery session, which will be chargeable in advance.

A) Good Question! , Whilst it is not illegal for us to “Recover” your password for you as we actually never open the content, it is illegal under the data protection act 1998 to access files which you do not have permission, this service is designed for users who have forgotten their password and not ones they have “obtained” without the owners consent.
Furthermore, it is not illegal to crack a wireless password but it is illegal under the Computer Mis-use Act 1990 to connect to a network or computer without the owners permission.

Q) How do I capture a wireless file to upload?
A) you need some basic command line skills and several pieces of hardware.
We will be writing this up further in the future

Q) Can you tell me more about your  Algorithms?
A) We are happy too! The first step uses 128GB worth of Dictionary files with common passwords, The second step applies rules to these words and the third step uses a mixture of well know symbols, capitals and lowercase letters with mixtures of various patterns such as DOB’s and mobile numbers and postcodes, and rules applied,  use the contact us page for further information

Q) What are the top 10 passwords you have cracked so far?
A) We never give away any of our recovered passwords for security reasons.

Q) What is your Success rate?
A) This will be published soon

Q) Can I Help this project or contribute in anyway?
A) We are currently developing software that will utilize your PC’s power (when not in use) to contribute to the overall speed of cracking uploading passwords, this may take some time.
In the Meantime you can contribute to our case via
ZCASH:       t1W7E7kT7KKyfXKnuV7Di86GyVHiy27smac
ETH :           0x1070b7a1d7b9cc62abf58454d676fbd2c55c6087