04/06/2018   our first livestream of GPUFARM4 trial has started watch it here

27/04/2018  Added new payment gateway to allow payment via 55+ ALTCOINS including xcash litecoin etc etc 19/04/2018  COMING SOON, YOUTUBE LIVE STREAMS OF OUR SERVERS!! you can look at our serves directly and see how your hash is doing …………. 03/03/2018  We now have luached hashcat on Google Play store for android devices 1/2/2018  Changing pricing structure to reflect times vs Length + LUDS, Introduced automatic algorithm for recovery MASKS based on time purchased + hash uploaded. 5/01/2018 Demo page has been added for free password recovery of office word, excel, pdf and zip files, limited at 4 characters. 5/01/2018 GPU RIG 4 is currently being built to allow us to complete orders faster 5/01/2018 Website is getting more and more hits, added front end load balancer. 24/11/2017 Added BACS / IBAN bank transfer as a payment option 23/11/2017 Changed the Payment options based on length and LUDS options 04/11/2017 Starting to write in code for John the ripper support on RIGS (to support what hashcat doesn’t (PKZIP)) 01/11/2017 Started to Add different complexity method prices 11/10/2017 Changed pricing structure and added coupon codes for returning customers 11/10/2017 Added All available hashcat options when uploading files (Default Wireless autodetect) 11/10/2017 Simplified the uploading / checkout process 09/10/2017  resolved an issue of bitcoin payments not being processed. 25/09/2017 Added wireless adapter rentals For handshake capturing 10/09/2017 Free submissions are no longer available due to bulk uploads/spam 8/9/2017 Added paid vs Free with bitcoin and paypal shopping cart 6/9/2017 We have Now added SSL security to our site, all data between is now encrypted, including uploads. 23/7/2017 Added Another GPU RIG to combat increase of time for new masks and rules 22/7/2017 Added Custom Masks and Rules all wordlists 5/4/2017 Added 1.2 TB English Wordlists 1/4/2014 Added Default 50MB Languages wordlists